Woks and World Flavours

For oriental cooking in your own home, we can advise you of the products which will best suit your needs

We have three ranges of woks to choose from:

Judge™ Steel woks with non-stick coating –
• Sizes from 25cm (individual) up to 35cm (average family size)
• Transfers heat evenly around whole product
• Oven safe
• Flat base
• Suitable for all hob types (including induction)
• Lightweight (so easy to lift to shake and toss your ingredients)

Cast Iron (various makes including Chasseur™) –
• Internal shape is more curved/rounded
• External shape has different profile to give better contact with cooking source
• Aga™ users particularly like using these
• Although they take longer to heat up initially, the heat is transferred around the whole product more evenly and flat contact with heat source is maintained
• Suitable for all heat sources
• Some products are lightweight cast iron and come with an enamel coating

Stellar™ Tri-ply Stainless steel –
• Because stainless steel isn’t the best heat conductor of heat, a heat conductive core (in the tri-ply) runs around the whole pan
• Oven safe
• Suitable for all hob types
• Incredibly hard wearing – you can even use metal utensils
• Comes with internal steamer tray (removable)
• Domed lid included
• Two-handled design so suitable for use from hob or oven to table

• Authentic bamboo steamers (2 sizes)
• Chopsticks (a wide range of different styles)
• Domed wok lids (2 sizes)
• Sushi makers
• Gas wok rings

World Flavours ranges of cookware and serveware for Mexican and Indian cuisine too!

Woks and World Flavours